The First Stone, The First Story
Six digital photographs of scanned 35mm film
20" x 30"
2009, reprinted 2016
Edition of 5

The First Stone Walking Loop
Six-minute stop-motion animation
Original composition by Matt Bauer
2008 - 2009

About the work:  The First Stone, The First Story and The First Stone Walking Loop are some early examples of performing for camera and turning the work into photographs, installation, and animated video.  This was part of my MFA thesis work from the Intermedia Department at the University of Iowa, and the work was a tribute to my mother who was carrying a heavy load at that time.  I was performing as a female sisyphus with a cast of characters multiplying at my side (all of which who are me).  I shot the work on 35mm black and white film and then translated that into animated video.  I commissioned Matt Bauer to write an original composition for the work.