I Love You, I Love You
Instructions for Two People in Love
Performed by Madeline and Barton Schindel on October 23, 2013
Performed by Linda Wallen and Mark Thomspon on October 17, 2014

About the work: I Love You, I Love You is a simple piece for any two people in love.  You begin in an embrace on the sidewalk in front of your home.  You whisper "I Love You" to one another.  You step backwards, repeat the sentiment, and do this all the way down the street until the whisper becomes the shout.  The piece concludes when you can no longer hear or see each other.  This can be repeated as often as necessary or desired.  The inaugurating couple were Madeline and Barton in 2013, and the following October I advertised it as an "Open Call for All Lovers" for couples to complete on one of the four Sundays in October.  In this second iteration I photographed and witnessed Mark and Linda perform the work outside of their home on the Northside of the city.

Madeline and Barton performing "I Love You, I Love You" as the inaugurating couple in October 2013