Slow News in Fascist Times - Photographs
Black and white silver gelatin photographs
10" x 10" 

Slow News in Fascist Times - Newspaper
Coming soon

About the work:  Slow News in Fascist Times is an ongoing work began the day the Trump administration took office, on January 25, 2017.  The content is journalistic photographs I find in daily newspapers of Trump and his team doing their daily work of dismantling every single US government agency by selecting corrupt industry executives and representatives to take over important and critical positions.  Or writing an executive order that simply eliminates entire agencies altogether.  I am watching this with eyes wide open, in full horror and partial paralysis.  The systematic approach to this psychotic behavior - coming at us from every direction - is overwhelming and certainly meant to be shocking, as Naomi Klein writes about so well.  I shoot these newspaper photographs with my iPhone (eye-phone) and then in a very basic way deconstruct them until they become something else.  These new images, made with the original content, become the slow way - and possibly the only way -  I can process the action taking place in the original photograph.  I turn these images into negatives and print them in the darkroom as black and white photographs.  This series will be ongoing throughout this administration's rule - organized into chapters of 'Day 1-100'; 'Day 101-200'; 'Day 201-300'; 'Day 301-400'; and so on. Each chapter will contain between 10-20 photographs and a newspaper of 10 pages in a run of 100.