Umbrella Drawings (Drawing Session #02.02.15)
27 Drawings Total

Chalk pastel, chalk, and charcoal on paper
14" x 11 and 11" x 8" 

Twelve drawings were shown as part of Whose Sleeves, curated by Peter Mandradjeff
The Union Hall
Pittsburgh, PA
September 3 - September 28, 2015
With: Leah Patgorski, Bianca Beck, and Amelia Saddington

About this session:  The umbrella emerged immediately while thinking about women's rights as the umbrella I stood beneath.  I found great satisfaction drawing this object that protects us from the storm and gets destroyed (usually quickly with a big gust of wind) in the same storm.  It also resembles the letter "J", so seeing it as my signature became very satisfying as well.