Slow Activism (Manifesto)
To write a manifesto slowly, one letter a day
Performed by myself

About the work: Slow Activism (Manifesto) is my attempt to slowly write a manifesto as daily practice, public performance, and activism.  I began on September 3, 2014 at 8:31 a.m. on the corner of Carnegie Street and 55th Street, in Pittsburgh.  For 21 days, I woke up each morning and found a new corner to write/perform on in my neighborhood.  Through this I developed the character of the Slow Activist and slowly wrote the first sentence of my manifesto.  This first sentence became: A CRISIS THAT REMINDS US EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED, EVERYTHING IS AT STAKE.   The Slow Activist character was then performed by Joanna Reed in my theatrical work 'TRANSLATIONS' at the New Hazlett Theater on December 12, 2014.