Slow News in Fascist Times, 2017
Black and white photographic abstractions
Digitally printed series on newsprint and other materials
Ongoing project, final sizes and edition numbers TBD

About the work:  Slow News in Fascist Times is currently in-production, and in-flux, because it is a living part of my daily practice that represents the current climate of instability and uncertainty. It's final form will be the production of a slow newspaper, to come out in installments that are produced at intervals during this reign of terror. This project began the day Trump's administration took office on January 25, 2017.  The content is journalistic photographs I find in daily newspapers and online of Trump and his team doing their daily work of running this country/world into the ground.  Either through the dismantling of US government agencies by selecting corrupt industry executives and representatives to take power, or writing executive orders that eliminate entire agencies, or whatever the cancerous catch of the day is for them. I am watching this with eyes wide open, in semi-paralysis and certain shock. To process the news, I shoot the photographs with my iPhone (eye-phone) and then in a very basic way deconstruct them until they become something else.  This series will continue for the duration of this xenophobic, claustrophobic, homophobic and everything beautiful and alive and miraculous-phobic administration.