Song for Pittsburgh
A song performed by a fragmented choir across the city
Performed by Ian BonnetTessa BarberDani LamorteRicardo IamuuriJohn Carson, and the Dress Exchange Choir
Sunday, April 20, 2013 in six locations across Pittsburgh
Song written by myself, music composed by Devin Arrington.  See/read it here.
Funded with a small grant from: The Sprout Fund
Documentation and logistical support provided by Alisha Wormsley, Dave English, Lenka Clayton, Harrison Apple, Ivette Spradlin, Natalya Pinchuk and Dana SperryLuke Loeffler, Alex Rudnicky, and extra help, support and artistic design from Daniel Luchman. 

About the work: Song for Pittsburgh is a song I wrote a song for the city of Pittsburgh and had it performed by a fragmented choir of people at the same time on the same day in six different locations in Pittsburgh.  The song speaks to the highs and lows of life in this city.  I fragmented it to illuminate the ideas of connecting across the geographical and economic divides that are unique to this city and keep us apart and disconnected.  By giving it to many people to perform I was able to hear it in their voice and style: song is universal, and it provides a creative place for us to connect / reconnect.  This was the first piece of the Pittsburgh Performance Series, and in many ways was the most logistically complicated and difficult.

Ricardo Iamuuri performs as one of the choir members
On the sidewalk in front of the Cathedral of Hope in East Liberty
Video by Alisha Wormsley

Dani Lamorte performs as one of the choir members
In the small public park near the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh
Video by Ivette Spradlin / edited by myself

Participants at the 17th Annual Pittsburgh Dress Exchange
In the front yard of a private home in Pittsburgh
Video by Alex Rudnicky