The Other Border Wall Proposals, 2017
Submitted by J.M. Design Studios
Ink drawings on paper, text, scanned and submitted as a PDF document

About: The Other Border Wall Proposals were submitted by J.M. Design Studios on April 4, 2017 to the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency, part of the Department of Homeland Security for their "Other Border Wall"  Request For Qualifications.    J.M. Design Studios submitted six original ideas. The studio includes Tereneh MosleyLeah Patgorski and myself.  We are based in Pittsburgh, PA.  We have received a fantastic amount of press from this proposal.  We now seek ways to build prototypes of the hammock and pipe organ design in the San Diego desert as a physical counterpoint to those that will be tested as finalists in the design competition.  

Major Press Highlights:
The Verge
The Wall Street Journal
CNN Money
The San Diego Union Tribune
The Guardian
The Chicago Tribune
The Verge
Business Insider
The Huffington Post
Next Pittsburgh
Public Radio International
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
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